I Saw A UFO Once

I did an article a couple weeks ago about a conspiracy theory I believe to be true.  I also mentioned that, while at work, I’ve gotten into podcasts about conspiracies, mysteries, and the unexplained in general.  While listening, I was reminded of something a couple friends and myself saw when we were 12 years old.

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An Open Letter To My Jans

Dear Loyal Tuesdays With Jan Fans (Jans?),

I have spent the better part of one year crafting this blog, giving you dry witticisms, laughter, and tears.  From my biting satire on Elite Daily articles and The Donut Heist, to my raucous posts on Social Media tropes, to the real stuff like my post about Cole or my grandmother.  However, in doing this blog, I have amassed some debt.  53 Million Dollars to be exact.  And so, instead of releasing my blog to everyone for a small fee, I have to resort to drastic measures.  Starting next week, all future Tuesdays With Jan articles will be TIDAL Exclusives.  Sure, I could probably do well keeping it out there, asking for donations through GoFundMe or Kickstarter, but it just seems smart to pigeon-hole myself instead of reaching out to the entire market.  The bright side?  By going to TIDAL, the blog quality will be microscopically better, so you will get a firecracker bang for your buck.  And so, with that, I hope you all go over to TIDAL and subscribe to TIDAL so you can get TWJ and other TIDAL exclusives.  I hear Kanye West is over there too, but I’m not positive.

Don’t Torrent Me!


Jan’s Conspiracy Theory

I’ve been really into conspiracy theories lately.  I’ve been listening to conspiracy theory podcasts which led to a rabbit-hole of various reddits and subreddits.  I also just read the book Libra by Don Delillo, a speculative fiction novel about Lee Harvey Oswald and the Kennedy Assassination.  I have a conspiracy theory of my own and, while it isn’t Kennedy level, I think it’s interesting in its own right.

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The Banes Of My Existence

While they differ, everyone has those one or two appliances/products they have to buy every couple months because they break so easily for them.  My parents buy vacuums about as often as they buy groceries.  My brother is on the start of his monthly tablet/kindle, but I can’t tell if that one is intentional or not.  Here are the banes of my existence.

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