Our Anniversary




Dan and Jan.  Senior Year of High School(2009) I  like to think I grew into my ears

It’s 8th grade.  I am a scrawny 13 year old with an American Eagle polo and Hollister jeans that are falling down to my ankles, not because I thought sagging pants were cool but I thought belts were specifically uncool.  She’s the prettiest girl I’ve ever met, probably also wearing American Eagle clothing, with “fun” colored braces and wide-eyed stare that made it seem that she was always genuinely excited to see you.  I was enamored so I decided I was going to ask her out at the end of the year, so when I was rejected she, I, and everyone in our separate circles would have a whole summer to forget.  Now, when I say ask, I don’t mean actually ask.  That would be embarrassing, so instead I wrote it down, elementary school style.  My palms sweat as I write this.  I think you can guess how that turned out.  We started dating!  Nine years later!

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Snow: The Tipping Point

Some of my earliest memories, influenced through the fact that I have watched them on VHS, are of the Blizzard of ’96.  My parents stayed behind as I swam through snow over my head.  Within a week, the temperature reached near 60 degrees and all that snow melted, nearly flooding my hometown.

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America On Powerball Wednesday(A Summary)

Wednesday, January 13th:  Judgment Day.  Every man, woman, and man-child is gathered around an HDTV, watching a channel they probably don’t have in HD, counting down the minutes until 9:59 PM (Eastern Standard Time.)  Earlier in the week, people that never played the lottery before were rushing to convenient stores.  They’re clutching their tickets, hoping that the machine spat out lucky numbers, or they’ve played the same numbers they always do, optimistically hoping that tonight the numbers will match what their mind has been telling them for years.  Most have already planned their lives out, from how they’ll walk out of their job to their first purchase to their generated response when estranged relatives spontaneously visit.  Some have decided to give their money away, something that’s easy to do when you don’t actually have the money.  Some, smartly, will get a lawyer and an accountant, and systematically dissipate from their old existence.
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Everyday Events Made Thrilling By Nearsightedness

I wear glasses.  I first wanted them in the first grade after reading a short story about a person getting glasses.  This was shortly before I actually needed them.  Now I wish I could see stuff without needing help from frames or poking my eyes with plastic.  I also wish normal sighted people (read, cis-sighted) would stop asking to try on my glasses, only to exclaim “Wow! You’re blind!”   Being the optimist that I am (selectively), I learned to look on the bright side.  Life with glasses can be exciting, especially in times where you are unable to wear them.  Here are a couple everyday life scenarios made more exciting by nearsightedness.

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