The Five Stages Of Grief (While Applying For Jobs)

Congratulations! You just graduated college.  The pictures your parents took are on Facebook and your diploma is in the mail.  Now it’s time to use that diploma to get a real person job.  I graduated in December and I am still on the job hunt.  As the rejection emails piled up and revised copies of my resume went into the double digits, I realized that the stages of job hunting and the stages of grief are almost one in the same.

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My Time at the Emo Show

We filed in line at Union Transfer at about 7:25.  PETA promoters handed out pins and stickers and venue workers handed out over-21 wristbands.  When the man handing out wristbands came back from line’s end with a hardly-dented roll along his sleeve, it hit me that my group may be well past the median age for this show, but that didn’t matter too much.  We were here in support of our hometown’s scene, a scene that in recent years has changed their main concert locale.
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Blog post(poned)

I have a blog written for today.  The problem is I am currently unable to upload video through WordPress.  So I plan on filming a quick demonstration and uploading it via Youtube and linking it to my blog.   Stay tuned til tomorrow, folks.