About Me



Me on any given Tuesday

I don’t believe in third person About-Me’s if you run your own site.

I’m 24.  I enjoy reading and writing.  I majored in English.  I was a bad student.

I named this blog after that sentimental book by Mitch Albom, not because I enjoy Mitch Albom books but because I happen to post on Tuesdays.

In my free time, I enjoy movies.  I am also a big fan of sports involving plastic.  I play recreational Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf and Wiffle Ball competitively.

No one pays me to write, but I will happily take your money.

Like Yeats or Ginsberg, I am a published poet.  You can find my work at this link.

You can contact me through my site.  I read and reply to every comment sent to me.  Which isn’t a tall order for a blog with 55 followers.  You can also contact me at my email: john.devers.jr@gmail.com

You can follow me to get email alerts for when I post by clicking the ‘follow’ button in the sidebar.  You can also follow me on Twitter and Goodreads, also linked in the sidebar.

Thanks for reading!


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