Dr. Jan’s Four Steps For Healthy Teeth

I just got back from a dentist appointment.  My dentist said I have “very nice” teeth before going into his office to frame my X-Ray.  People never ask me, “John, how do you have such beautiful teeth?” They should.  I’ve never had a cavity and my wisdom teeth are mostly good.  Here is my secret to beautiful teeth.

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A Small Feat

Yesterday, around 3 o’clock, Tuesdays With Jan received its 1,000th view.  It may not be much compared to more popular blogs but it’s awesome to have a solid foundation of readers and be able to track my progress since I started in February.  I want to thank my small WordPress following for putting up with my email alerts as well as my friends and family that find my articles through Facebook and Twitter.  I hope to see you all at 10,000.

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Thoughts on Jurassic World


What else would I possibly be writing about this week?  I have been hyped for Jurassic World since the first trailer was released back in November.  I preordered my tickets weeks in advance.  I called off work the day of the midnight release so I wouldn’t have to rush from work right to the movies.  I’ve been waiting for a sequel since the goddamn Spinosaurus massacred the T-Rex back in 2001.  However, in recent months, I became worried.  The trailers were showing too much and the dialogue seemed too campy.  So, in preparation for the movie, I casted my nostalgia aside to see how I really felt about the new installment of the JP franchise.

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Immobile Frustrations

Tuesdays With Jan is on the road today!  I’m writing this article at Barnes & Noble.  “But wait?!”  You yell if you know me slightly well, “How could you be writing from a different location if you don’t even have a car?”  On Friday, I picked up my first vehicle.  It’s a 2004 Chevy Aveo LS.  It’s a little car but it is mine and I love it.  I’ve been driving around by myself just because I can and that is mostly why I’m writing this from a different locale today.  And now that I have a car of my own I can express my inner frustrations from as recent as four days ago.

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What Men Want

Inspired by this lovely article: http://elitedaily.com/dating/what-men-want-7-traits-men-look-for-in-the-lady-of-their-dreams/1015321/

Every day, women are rising up and feeling more and more empowered.  For us, bros, it’s a scary world to be in.  I, personally, quiver under my bed.  I spray three bottles of Axe Body Spray along the door to keep the matriarchy out.  But that shouldn’t stop me or other men from dating women, right?  Surely there must be some out there unaffected by this blight of independence.  Here are the 7 things men want in a woman.

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