How Soon We Forget

At this writing I have been out of college for 18 months, and most of my classmates have settled into careers or jobs they hope turn into careers.  That is commendable, considering how bleak the future seemed when we were handed those diplomas.  To this, I congratulate all the people I know that found careers and I hope they never have to equate their job to pulling teeth, unless they’re a dentist.  Alas, in this world we can’t have blind optimism without something realist (read: sad) and this weekly blog is no exception.

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A Cat’s Tale

Hey Jan Fans,

Sorry for not posting the last couple weeks.  Between work that pays me and the work I want to be paid for eventually, I haven’t been as attentive to the blog as I should be.  I hope to be on my regular schedule now.  So, without further ado, here’s a story about a cat.

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