Being Pretentious And How Not To Be

I saw a tweet the other day.  I can’t recall the exact verbiage of the post but it went along the lines of “Barnes & Noble has Infinite Jest out on their stands because someone wants to prove they actually read it.”  I guess by writing this I feel like I’m trying to prove something.  I have read it.  I thought it was excellent and probably one of the most unique books I have read.  It’s clunky at first but it either smooths itself out or you become used to it by page 250, give or take.  I want to read it with a group or a least another person, so I’m trying to convince my girlfriend to read it with me this summer.

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Hey guys.  No post today.  I am taking a one week sabbatical.  I’m close to finishing a draft and I want to focus more of my time on getting that done so I can get to editing.  I will be back next week but I might only post bi-weekly for the next month or so.  I will keep y’all updated.  If you need your TWJ fix, I have a decently long archive that can keep you entertained for the afternoon.  Thanks, everyone.