The Two Times I Wore A Suit This Month

The first time I dressed up this month, I wore a white dress shirt, slim black dress pants, and a slim tie.  The second time I wore a light gray suit, with a sunny yellow vest and tie to match.  The first time, I sat in quiet remembrance and accepted the hanging finality of the event.  The second time, I celebrated a joyous beginning.  Both times, relatives were puffy eyed for different reasons.

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In Light Of Saturday’s WalMart Shooting

Saturday, October 17th.  A patchy overcast settles over the Wyoming Valley.  But even on the cloudiest days, enough sunlight comes through and bounces off the golden coating of Wal-Mart, making it the one building you’re bound to notice if you’re driving along Interstate 81.  It is 12:30 and an influx of patrons are rushing through the automatic doors.  On the side of the store is the Lawn and Garden section where, as early as a month prior, would have been filled with customers taking advantage of the sales on garden soil and manure.  Adjacent to the store, a Chuck E Cheese and a Wine and Spirits shop, where children and adults alike reward themselves for surviving another trip to Wal-Mart.  In a few seconds, an enraged man is about to bring all the scary stories you hear on the news, about a crazed gunman who finally went berserk, home.

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No Post Today

I’m taking a week off for the first time since May.  I’ve been having trouble formulating ideas and I don’t want to write just anything if my heart isn’t into it.  I’m going to spend this week to come up with some blog ideas as well as write a spooky short story since it’s that time of year again.  See y’all next week.