Writing: Expectation Vs Reality

I believe I have written enough material in the past year and change to officially consider myself a ‘writer’.  When I think of what a writer is, I invoke visions of villas in countries I’ve never been to, interviews where I wax poetic with people I pretend to like, wicked prose, or a keyboard drowned in aged whiskey.  So it was a surprise to me when, 15ish months after buying a keyboard and starting this blog as well as my first book, that I am still at home.  I am shirtless in a pair of gym shorts.  I am pasty and I now have a bit of a belly that hangs over said shorts.  I have a cup of coffee and I can’t confidently drink whiskey without coughing.  At least I have a desk, one that is slowly accumulating books I have yet to read.

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Loki: A Cat’s Story

Yesterday was Loki-versary.  You probably don’t know who Loki is, let alone why his anniversary is important.  Loki is my girlfriend’s cat.  An American Domestic with dark stripes and an M on his forehead.  Two years ago he came into her (our) life (lives).  Loki has to be the most socialized, people-friendly cat I have ever met, and resembles that of a dog in his need to follow any human that will give him attention.  Aside from the respiratory condition, causing him to leave chunky boogers on walls and his penchant for knocking things over in the middle of the night for attention it has been smooth sailing.   That wouldn’t make a great article.  The story of how we got him, however, is.


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How Presidential Candidates Reflect Our Mundane Lives

Unless you were part of a recently liberated, anti-technology doomsday cult, you probably know by now that election season is upon us.  And whether you’re afraid of terrorism or enraged at our oligarchical system, it’s likely that you have already made up your mind on who you’re voting for.  But allow me to tap an idea into your brain; the idea that maybe we are choosing all wrong.  Healthcare?  Abortion?  Foreigners?  These things don’t apply to me.  You know what does?  Traffic, deciding where to go for lunch, losing something although you swore you just had it a minute ago, etc.  Everyday things we all do.  Instead of voting for these people based on what they say, let’s vote based on how they reflect us in everyday life.

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Hey, everyone. I wanted to get my blog out but I have to fill out some forms to get some of my money back(taxes). instead of postponing until next week I’m going to post tomorrow, as a special Wednesday edition of Tuesday’s With Jan. Sorry :/

The Wrong Generation

Based on my demographics, most reading this are in probably in the 18-30 age range, and based on my casual browsing of Facebook, most of you wish you did not exist in 2016.  What do I mean?  I see memes pop up all the time with a picture of a picturesque representation of the 30s, 50s or 60s, always followed by the caption I wish I lived here or I was born in the wrong generation!  Why?  Let’s talk it out.

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