Dialogue Gripes In Movies And TV

Today’s post is a mix of several things; I recently got into consistently watching movies, I just finished 11.22.63(both the Stephen King book and Hulu miniseries) and I just started The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway.  Maybe it’s Hemingway’s trademark of leaving things out, A Theory of Omission, as suggested by a Hemingway scholar I scoffed at when I was young and edgy, or maybe I expect better from my visual media, because I’ll notice dialogue tropes that infuriate me.  I’m only going to list a couple, but if anyone has other gripes be sure to comment them.

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Pokemon GO: Observations From A Casual

I’ve never been much of a gamer.  In gaming terms, I am what one would call a ‘casual’.  I only play the popular games that come out and even then that totals to one or two games per year.  And for the most part, Pokémon was never a big part of my childhood.  I played the Game Boy games and even had some of the trading cards, but that was more of a Keeping-Up-With-The-Jones’ thing anyway.  So unless you have been living under a rock or the only website you frequent is mine (Thanks Mom!), you probably know about Pokémon GO.  It’s an augmented reality based game, using GPS and your cell phone’s camera, to immerse yourself in the world of Pokémon.  I can already tell that sentence is going to be dated within the next 5 years, when Pokémon GO looks like Pong compared to what new augmented reality game comes out for the IPhone X.  Welp, let’s dive in.

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