I Saw A UFO Once

I did an article a couple weeks ago about a conspiracy theory I believe to be true.  I also mentioned that, while at work, I’ve gotten into podcasts about conspiracies, mysteries, and the unexplained in general.  While listening, I was reminded of something a couple friends and myself saw when we were 12 years old.

It was around this time of year, I think.  As for the when of this story, I cannot recall.  It was me and three or four friends and we were standing outside my grandmother’s house.  We hung out outside at all times of the year because we didn’t feel like hanging out inside and we also felt that none of our houses were sufficient hang-out houses.  And at 12 years old, who wants to be in the company of parents?  Anyway, we were outside thinking of something to do when he heard a helicopter whirring overhead and, as an involuntary reaction, most people tend to look up. Helicopters aren’t rare.  On any given day it’s a news chopper or the occasional Medivac flying to the hospital roof across the river.  But this time it was a Chinook.  Military helicopter.  And we were focused.

We watched the chopper fly west.  I don’t think we would have cared any other day, but we had nothing to do and this chopper had two rotating blades atop it.  It didn’t take much to get our attention then.  The chopper flew until one point it seemed to stop, and was hovering, probably a few miles away but close enough that we could still make out most details of it.  So we’re watching and we think we see the doors on the chopper open and something shiny falls out of it.  We give each other the look that every group that sees a UFO, cocking our heads, staring at each other individually with the scrunched face of people asked a difficult question.

This shiny object falls and keeps falling.  What was the point of it?  Did they need to lose some dead weight?  It was puzzling even then, but it was even more puzzling when it stopped falling.  We all saw it.  After several seconds, it decided it didn’t want to fall anymore.  It seemed to hover in place.  And then it started flying.  I remember it being tiny, even as it came closer to us.  It flew silently and continued to fly the opposite way of the chopper, east, toward the mountains.  We watched until it left our sight.

To this day, I’m not sure what it was.  Was it an illusion?  Something could have already been flying and just happened to come into view at that moment in time.  There’s probably a million plausible explanations.  On the other hand, who knows what cool things our government has built without us knowing it?  Maybe we saw a drone and didn’t know what it was.  Maybe we saw our government try to low-key test alien technology!  But on the other other hand, why test in public, in broad daylight, over a relatively busy suburban area?  Cue X-Files theme.

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