New Year’s 2017


Here it is
The egress

The after party
You, me,
Two boxes of Fettuccine,
An apple pie cooling
And Hot Fuzz on DVD.
Loki flees
Explosions he can’t quite shake,
Galloping between
TV Room and Kitchen
Only stopping to
Use the litter box
Play in said litter box
And mew for mom
Who treated tonight
As any other night
Falling asleep
at 11:15

“Wake me up,”
Your shut eyes said,
“In the morning”
Well, it is morning
But I can read your mind
And I know
A sleepy you
Cares not for
I predict
The new year
Will be around
For sunrise.

Strange, the neighbors
Aren’t screeching.
I had them for the
Drummer-boy types,
Taking stage to
Bang pots and pans
On their porch
In broken Morse code.

No fireworks
No sirens
No one stumbling,
Fumbling for their keys
The sound of the great many
Settling in

Dialogue Gripes In Movies And TV

Today’s post is a mix of several things; I recently got into consistently watching movies, I just finished 11.22.63(both the Stephen King book and Hulu miniseries) and I just started The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway.  Maybe it’s Hemingway’s trademark of leaving things out, A Theory of Omission, as suggested by a Hemingway scholar I scoffed at when I was young and edgy, or maybe I expect better from my visual media, because I’ll notice dialogue tropes that infuriate me.  I’m only going to list a couple, but if anyone has other gripes be sure to comment them.

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Writing: Expectation Vs Reality

I believe I have written enough material in the past year and change to officially consider myself a ‘writer’.  When I think of what a writer is, I invoke visions of villas in countries I’ve never been to, interviews where I wax poetic with people I pretend to like, wicked prose, or a keyboard drowned in aged whiskey.  So it was a surprise to me when, 15ish months after buying a keyboard and starting this blog as well as my first book, that I am still at home.  I am shirtless in a pair of gym shorts.  I am pasty and I now have a bit of a belly that hangs over said shorts.  I have a cup of coffee and I can’t confidently drink whiskey without coughing.  At least I have a desk, one that is slowly accumulating books I have yet to read.

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So You Want To Write A Book? Advice From One Amateur To Another.

You’re human.  You experience cool things sometimes.  Most of us will one day reflect on these cool things with a fond nostalgia, talking the ear off of any poor sap within ear’s range.  Other people experience things and say “By gum, I should write a book about all of this!”  And to the latter I say congratulations!  You should.  Everyone should sit down and write about something.  It’s cathartic.  I feel better the second my fingers touch a keyboard or a G2 Pen.  And to those writing; I bet you want to tell everyone that you’re going to write a book, right?


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