Season 23 of Jan: A Review

Season 23 of John was a roller-coaster of events, even though the work story arc calmed down for the most part.

Early in the season, we were treated to two dichotomous events, the death of his grandmother and his sister’s marriage.  While these episodes touched many, many others claimed bad acting on John’s part, feeling that he didn’t react right.  In the midst of this soup, there were inklings that the Wal-Mart story arc was coming to an end and this was officially announced on the Halloween episode.  Since the Wal-Mart story concluded, fans have demanded more zaniness for the work subplot, but it’s clear the producers do not want to deliver just yet.

Success!  The struggling writer subplot is a tired one, but it seems that there is hope based on an early summer episode where John read his first published poems.  Will it be the first of many or will he trail off at the slightest hint of success?  Only season 24 will be able to tell.

A lot of the cast, due to prior commitments, have been trimmed from the show, leaving our main story a multi-textured, humanistic portrayal of relationships in modern society.  And it is something of a relief to see a couple in this day and age stick it out, and we as the audience are always pulling for their success.

It seems that, overall, season 23 was a buildup for an explosive next season, the same way season 5 of Game of Thrones was for season 6.  We should expect more action, more explosions, more of the same but with far reaching results.

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