A Beginner’s Guide To Tuesdays With Jan

I’ve had to do a lot of bouncing around this week.  I’ve also had car trouble and some wriitng on the side I need to get done, so there won’t be any new posts this week. However, I have gained more of a following the past couple months, and was just recently the newest featured blog on NEPA Blogs, and I’ve wanted to create a guide to access the best of blogs I have written since February 2015.  Here is a list.  I hope this post will encourage more readers to browse my archive for something they like.

The Five People You Meet At A Poetry Reading (Number 4 Will Actually Kill You!):  For those that like funny things and lists


Jan’s First Metal Show: For those that like first hand accounts and music


The Four People You Meet In A Group Text: More lists


The Five Stages Of Grief (While Applying For Jobs):


What Men Want: For those who like satire


The Donut Heist: An Analysis-My most viewed blog ever, making fun of a poorly executed robbery committed by kids I went to high school with.


The 22nd Season Of Jan: A Review-  A post where I equate the last year of my life to a TV show.


Dan’s Surgery: A tale chronicling my girlfriend, Danielle, and her surgery.


Our Anniversary:  Every post about my girlfriend is in the top 10 of my most viewed posts.  A great read if you’re a sucker for strangers in love.


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