A Cat’s Tale

Hey Jan Fans,

Sorry for not posting the last couple weeks.  Between work that pays me and the work I want to be paid for eventually, I haven’t been as attentive to the blog as I should be.  I hope to be on my regular schedule now.  So, without further ado, here’s a story about a cat.

Two weeks ago a cat decided he wanted to be owned again, so he waited for the first humans he could find and followed them home.  The first humans happened to be my parents.  We already have two cats so my parents were hesitant to take a third cat in, but seeing as this cat was literally trying to squeeze his way into our house every time the screen door opened, they relented.  I came home from work that night to find the occupant, a small orange and white cat, sitting on my bed.  Its pupils were so wide they seemed alien and its tail stood up at an angle as if it was a salute.  A weird thing about this cat is that its whiskers were unnaturally short, as if they had been clipped by someone or something.  I was instantly attached because this cat was immediately affectionate compared to my two cats, whose level of affectionate directly correlates with how hungry they are.

Although we loved this cat in an immediate, reverse Stockholm Syndrome way, we knew we had to make an attempt to find the owner.  My parents called the SPCA to report the missing cat and I went to Facebook.  The SPCA never called back and my post, while getting a couple hundred shares, only turned up one prospective owner, who upon visiting would decide that it wasn’t her missing cat.  And after those leads dried up, I had settled into the idea of keeping this cat.

My parents wanted to try the SPCA again, because there was a possibility this cat was microchipped.  They took him, and it wasn’t until this trip that we learned for sure that this was a male cat (we just couldn’t tell).  They confirmed the cat was a male and they confirmed that he was microchipped.  He had been adopted Summer 2014 and the owner’s information was on file.  Now, I wasn’t there for this, but this is how the phone call went according to my parents:

SPCA: Hi Mr.Whatsyourface.

Mr. What: Hi

SPCA:  How is the cat doing?

He grumbled something.

SPCA: Well we have him here.  A woman found him roaming the streets.  And according to the contract you signed, you agreed that (I can’t remember what they named the cat but it was something dumb) would be an indoor cat only.

Mr. What: Well he’s been peeing all over my furniture!

And you would think that Mr. Whatsyourface’s response as well as his apathy to the situation would be enough to void the contract, but the SPCA told my parents that they have to hold in the cat in case Mr. Whatsyourface decides to pick him up.  The SPCA person told him that the people who found the cat are interested if he decides he doesn’t want him anymore.  The next day, the SPCA calls to tell us that Mr.Whatsyourface picked up his cat.

You can do everything right and still be wrong.  I hope they caught Mr.Whatsyourface on a bad day, or that he isn’t the owner and the cat belongs to a son/daughter or niece/nephew.  But I also drive through my neighborhood, thinking of that cat and his intentionally clipped whiskers, and know that if I found him outside again I wouldn’t report it.

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