A Teen Vampire Book/Show/Movie (From The POV Of An Average Person)

Hey it’s me, Jan.  I’m a typical high school student at Nondescript High School.  I refer to cool things as ‘sweet’ or ‘swag’.  I live in the small town of Smalltown; population 8000, 6000 of which go to Nondescript High with me.  Lately, some weird things have been going on.  Kids are being found dead with their hearts missing.  Others are showing up to school with visible bite marks but seem oblivious to it.  I have no evidence, but these events seem to correlate when all the hot people started showing up to school.

It happened slowly.  At first there was only one of them; a guy so pale I assumed he had some kind of immunodeficiency disease.  He seemed like he wanted to keep to himself until he ran into the uber-attractive loner girl, although running into is putting it lightly.  He sought her out like a missile.  I asked one of my friends and she said “Omg he’s so hawt.  Like he shouldn’t even be alive.”  I thought that was an oddly specific thing to say.  Soon enough A few more hot pale people enrolled in high school and it wasn’t long until people started getting killed.  Authorities said it was some kind of animal and everyone was really cool with that.

Before long, my classes were filled with hot, pale people.  I have an irrational fear of falling and getting stuck with my own pencil so I always point it out.  One of the hot pales, Vladimir, a guy that seemed really old for high school, backed away from me as I got close to him.  He started hissing and ran away from me.  All I could say was “Okay, guy.  It’s not that big a deal.”  The next day I came into school with my sick cross necklace that’s been in my family for generations.  “You’ll need this, son.”  My dad said.  “They’re back.”  I didn’t know what he meant by that but all the hot pales stayed away from me that day.  Did I smell?

All year long, kids were dying left and right.  They were drained of blood by a mysterious animal.  Meanwhile, more hot pales are showing up by the day and enrolling in High School.  They all seem to gravitate toward that one awkward yet really attractive girl.  They fight each other constantly and seem ready to tear each other apart.  The other day I was in the back of our school and I saw one of the Hot Pales disintegrate, turning into a pile of dust.

Pale people?

Kids randomly dying?

Animal attacks?

Fear of wooden stakes?

Fear of crosses?

Immediate disintegration?

Man, something is up with these pale people.  I’m the only person who notices.  I might need some help though.  An influx of olive-skinned dudes with anger issues popped into town and enrolled at Nondescript High.  Maybe they’ll help me.

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