Immobile Frustrations

Tuesdays With Jan is on the road today!  I’m writing this article at Barnes & Noble.  “But wait?!”  You yell if you know me slightly well, “How could you be writing from a different location if you don’t even have a car?”  On Friday, I picked up my first vehicle.  It’s a 2004 Chevy Aveo LS.  It’s a little car but it is mine and I love it.  I’ve been driving around by myself just because I can and that is mostly why I’m writing this from a different locale today.  And now that I have a car of my own I can express my inner frustrations from as recent as four days ago.

I like hanging out, I would say if I was writing a boring about me or giving an awkward icebreaker in college.  Most of my friends, by this time, have their own methods of transportation so I would have to bum rides from them if the plans were more than a couple miles away.  My friends were always happy to do it, even if they didn’t want to.  I’m sure that occurred more than once.  Yet, even if they were always happy to, I still felt guilty to ask for rides or even attempt to make plans.  It’s hard to have direction if you can’t personally direct and every request for a ride makes you feel like an inconvenience.  I can finally meet up for plans that take place more than two miles from my house.  I can suggest plans and offer to drive instead of feeling bad that a group will have to play nose goes to decide who drives.

I go to work sometimes and, until December 2014, I went to school.  My work is about three to five miles away from my house and school was about eight to ten miles, depending on what route you took.  For four years of college (2010-2014) and three years (2012-present) of working outside of my hometown, I’ve depended on people for my education and income.  I missed a handful of school days because of a lack of transportation and my work schedule is adjusted so I can get rides from my parents.  With my first car, I am on my own schedule now.  I can be early or late and it will be my choice.  When I’m finished at a place, I can walk out instead of having to entertain myself while my parents take the scenic route.

I always read and heard stories of people feeling free while driving.  I’ve barely driven out of my hometown with my car and yet I can feel that sense of independence.  I drove to Barnes & Noble today because I could.  I chose to write here because I am on my own time now, and it feels great.

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