A Theory on Jurassic World

Jurassic World comes out in a little less than three months.  I. Love. Jurassic Park.  It was the first movie I saw in theatres, according to my parents.  I can’t figure out why my parents took a one-two year old to the movies.  Anyway, when The Lost World came out I tried collecting the watches that they were selling at Burger King. I got three of them.  I can still vaguely recall the commercial for it.  It was so sick.  I was also there for the bad times.  I wept when the Spinosaurus killed the (presumably) last T-Rex on Isla Sorna in some power play to let everyone know the times were changing.  I looked on in confusion when Dr. Grant was apparently hypnotized by the Velociraptors he was so adamant about in the beginning of the film.  Now a new film in the franchise emerges and the response is mixed.  But I don’t want to talk about my early thoughts on the new movie.  I want to give my prediction of how the movie is going to start.

If you remember back to the beginning of all three movies, they have one thing in common.  They all begin with an accident be it a JP worker, a blue blood or an intrepid parasailer.  The new movie is relying on a genetically modified hybrid called Indominus Rex, so it would make sense that the new movie will start with someone getting attacked by it.  However, I believe they will only segue into it.  I believe the intro will be the destruction of the original park.

Hear me out, imagine this introduction.  We see the old visitor center from the first movie.  The food is rotten, computers dusty, a fresh velociraptor skeleton is entangled with the broken T-Rex display.  We then cut to the whole place getting leveled.  Bulldozers ripping the whole thing to the ground, suits stand by pointing at blue prints for the new Jurassic World.  We may even see hunters shooting down or tranquilizing some dinosaurs as a call back to The Lost World (and we all know how that turned out).  There is evidence (based on the scars) that the T-Rex in this movie is the same one from the first film so this could very well be.  We then see these people clearing out the tour cars.  Or maybe they only move the one the T-Rex didn’t mod and allow the other one to get overtaken by the forest.  Maybe it’ll serve as an Easter Egg.   They start clearing the old perimeter fences but the concrete foundations stay there as a reminder of the park’s disastrous past.  We then see this new park getting built, in a time lapse, until it looks indistinguishable from the original park.  Cue title credit: JURASSIC WORLD.

This is simply a theory.  If the writers/director want to remind the audience that this isn’t their parents Jurassic Park, I believe this is how they’ll do it.  Hell, the first trailer has a Mosasaurus devouring a Great White Shark as a dig to Spielberg.  Again, this is just a theory from a kid who has been waiting for a new JP movie since 2001, no matter how terrible it is.

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